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For over 25 years the Jackson Hole Moose Rugby Football Club has been a staple of Rocky Mountain Rugby. With over 200 active and former players, the JHMRFC is comprised of both and Men's and Women's side.

With Winter in full effect, we invite current players and future prospects to our weekly (free) indoor workouts every Thursday night.

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Rugby is the most beautiful and simple sport in the world. Whether you are an experienced player or completely green to the game, we invite you for a run.

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Practice Location


Spring/Summer 2017
Jan. 5
Winter WorkoutsFor current players and new prospects. Join the team for an explosive and rugby focused workout every Thursday @ One to One Wellness at 6:30. One to One Wellness
Jackson, WY
April 11Summer TrainingFirst day of outdoor training! Location TBD; 6pmJackson, WY
May 12Smasher's BallCome support the Men's & Women's JH Moose Rugby at the 3rd Annual Smasher's Ball! More information to comeJackson, WY
May 19-21Maggotfest This 40+ team rugby festival brings out the best rugby in the Rocky Mountains. Join the Moose for their first bus trip of the season.Missoula, MT
June 24Teton TensRegister now for Wyoming's largest rugby tournament - see below for registration detailsJackson, WY



2x Best on Pitch award. (Maggotfest 2014, 2015)

Ski Town Champions (2014 vs. Park City Haggis)

5x Wyoming State Champs (2013- Present)

Reigning Wind River Cup Champions


Officers & Coaches

Men's Team

  • Brian "Butter" Butler has been the full-time head coach of the Jackson Hole Moose for seven years. As a founding member of the club, he works tirelessly to carry forward and promote the values and culture upon which the Moose were founded.
  • Alexander "Snacks" Felton As the current President of JHMRFC, Alex brings strong leadership and tremendous effort to the highest position in Jackson Hole Rugby. As a flanker he knows the importance of communication, ball security, and leading with your shoulder. Starting his rugby career almost a decade ago at Proctor Academy and Roger Williams College, Alex is one of the most versatile players in the Rocky Mountain West. From Fullback to Prop, we suggest not standing in the way of a galloping Alex Felton. As a small business owner and a pillar of the Jackson Hole community, Alex is a great source for local networking.
  • Anthony "Campo" Campolattaro ,The Moose's Match Secretary, self-proclaimed Social Chair and Italian Stallion hails from the land of blowouts, T-shirt time and GTL. He has been playing for the Moose for 7 years and is entering his first year coordinating fixtures for the 2016 season. For questions regarding events, or to schedule a match,
  • "Steady" Brad Walsh is the team's financial advisor and chair. He can grow a mustache in less than an hour, bronzes like the "Hoff" and has a jawbone that could cut ice.

Women's Team

  • John Clark was among the founding members of the men's rugby club in 1990 and has more recently moved into the role of head coach for the Jackson Hole women's team. As a coach, he brings patience, extensive experience, vast knowledge, and deeply-felt passion, in addition to his ageless charm and good looks.
  • Jen Givens, President of the women's team, collects skulls like marbles and hearts like Pokemon cards. She began her rugby career at Colorado State University in 2005 and was quick to develop a love for the competition, heart and camaraderie of the game. For more information about the women's team, or to schedule a match,
  • Tanya Crocker is the Vice President of the women's team, stepping up to support the club she has only recently become a part of. She has made up for a lack of experience on the pitch with a love for her teammates and a fiery passion for the game.
  • WillowStar Delia is the founder of Jackson Hole Women's Moose Rugby and has more recently taken on the role of club treasurer. Her drive and passion for rugby were what was needed to establish a women's club in Jackson Hole. She looks forward to a long legacy of Jackson women bring the smash to rugby across the West.



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